To build you need the following software:

Additionally you need the following libraries:

If you downloaded the IP getter and the DNS setter from this project then put the contents of the src directory directly to the src directory of the dyndns-updater. The build file will do all work for you.

The IP getter and the DNS setter may need additionally libraries to the libraries listed above.

After you build the software (with the call of ant) there will be a jar file in the subdirectory dist.


To run the daemon you need the libraries either in your classpath or put it in the ext library of you JRE installation.

If you added the libraries to the classpath you can start the daemon with the following command line:

java de.sw4j.dyndnsupdater.Daemon

If you put the libraries in the ext directory you can run the program with the following command line:

java -jar DynDNSUpdater.jar

You need the configuration file (as described in the section configuration) in the directory from where you start the daemon.

Additionally you can enable the Java Management Extension (JMX) to stop the daemon via a JMX console.

To enable logging you need to configure either Java logging or use log4j.

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